Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful for Jennie

My favorite person, Jennie, Zander's daycare provider is more brave than I. Yesterday when I got home I was reviewing the notebook where Jennie logs their day together and at 9am it said "Painted" 9:30 am "Bath". I thought hmmm, that is wierd. I asked Tyler and we both were so confused, really, she painted. That is something I would never have attempted with a six month old. We both went about our evening, however still perplexed with the idea that at some point during their day together they painted. I went to bed and wanted to call her to ask her about it but I thought, I will see her in the morning so I'll just wait.
I got up this morning, got ready and went to eat breakfast when I found it. The most beautiful picture that I've ever seen in my life, hanging right smack in the middle of my fridge. OH MY GOD, I yelled, and then I started crying. My boy painted his first picture. Then I felt like a complete shmuck since I missed it hanging their all evening long. I called Tyler and told him and he said "Man we are jerks!"
Jennie arrived as I was feeding my boy his favorite new breakfast (Pureed bananas) and I thanked her for the picture. I told her how I started to cry and she said "Well don't open your birthday present then." She had taken his hand and foot prints and pictures of him painting and framed them for me. Of course I cried, it was so amazing and thoughtful. I love her and feel so blessed that my son spends his day with someone so giving. She is providing him the learning opportunities that I love when I can't.
I still can't believe she braved fingerpainting with him. When I asked her how it went she said it was so easy. She explained that she taped the paper to his high chair and let him go to town. Again, she is more brave than me.


  1. That is so cool! You've got a little artist on your hands. You really are lucky to have such a wonderful daycare provider for Zander. She sounds like a dream.

    Oh, and I LOVE that picture of him painting. He looks so pleased with himself (which he should be, obviously!)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww! He's already giving picasso a run for his money. You're so lucky to have someone who can provide such an enriched environment for your boy while you work. He's such a cutie.

  3. He is so cute, and that is such a sweet picture. I am so glad you found somebody as great as Jennie to take care of him while you are working.

  4. What a big boy! Such a sweet post, Tammy. You're very lucky to have such a great caregiver! Much to be thankful for in 2009:)

  5. Zander is loved and talented. Looks like he tasted the colors, too. It does my heart good to see such a loved child, with adoring parents and caregivers. He is a wonderful boy and lucky, too.
    Love to all,
    Grandma Jo

  6. That is awesome - way to go Jenny!