Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Time

I have this awesome sister in-law who had this great idea to take pictures of Tyler and I together this weekend. It was so fun! Thank you Rory. I love the pictures so much. Tyler is usually taking them of me so it was fun to have him in them with me. The little boy in the pictures is my nephew, Apollo, he just turned two, he's so adorable.
This weekend was packed full of family fun. We had Apollo's second birthday, Rory and I went shopping, and we spent lots of time with the grandparents.
Tyler and I are continuing to prepare for Baby Spence. I finally found his outfit I want to bring him home in. I will have to post pics of it later. It's so cute. I love buying baby clothes. I have to admit I'm glad that I'm not having a girl though. OH my gosh, I would be broke. There are way more cute girly clothes then boy but I'm still finding my fare share of cute boy stuff. Tyler keeps wanting me to wait and not buy too much but its so fun. I keep picturing my handsome boy in these cute clothes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 32...I can't believe it!

This picture is a little yellow but you get the idea. I'm still feeling good and my emotions have been in check which has been great. Yesterday was such a fantastic day. Tyler and I spent time catching up on Rock of Love, The Fringe, and Desperate Housewives ( he hates Rock of Love and Desperate Housewives but you know, I 'm pregnant...I choose). It was so nice to spend the day being lazy together.
I cannot believe we have less than 2 months to go. Everyday I hope that my little boy looks just like his daddy. I want a little Tyler running around with his dark spikey hair and freckles. Tyler keeps telling me that he can't wait to meet him and I always reply, YES YOU CAN. I want this baby to cook to full term.
Here is a poem I found in by baby book that I just love and wanted to share with you all.

When One Become Two
A new life begins
a fresh heartbeat
a flutter of feet
a new soul.
Little miracle placed in my womb
I feed you, I nurture you
and the string between our hearts grows strong.
Little one growing in my womb
Daddy and I lay our hands upon my growing belly
and wait for you to flutter a reply.
Little person living in my womb
I welcome and cherish your consuming
and long to gaze into your deep, warm eyes.
Little baby curled up in my womb
I anxiously prepare for your arrival
and dream of touching your soft new skin.
Little child born of my womb
I embrace your tiny self
and dream of holding your forever.
Oh baby, sweet baby
a fresh heartbeat
a flutter of feet
a new soul.
Jacquelyn DeLaveaga

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 30

I cannot believe it is already week 30! Holy cow time has flown by. Tyler took some photos of me today in my lounge wear so enjoy! Sorry about the blue dress picture, I look like a drunk pregnant lady, SCARY!! Tyler really wanted me to post it.
P.S. Happy Birthday Grandpa Scotty!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picture of Health

I just got back from my prenatal visit and my doctor told me that "I'm lookin good"! He said that my blood sugar test results are perfect, my blood pressure is perfect, my weight is perfect, and that my blood count is the best he's seen in weeks!! He told me I should teach a pregnancy class. I was so excited. My mom has had me stressed about all this stuff the last few weeks, so I went in with a little anxiety today (She's a worrier). I feel so relived and happy. Tonight I plan to celebrate by eating a huge bowl of ice cream:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nesting with Spic and Spanness!

I usually consider myself to be a good housekeeper. It's something I picked up from my mother. She is a woman who would wake up on the weekends at 5:30 in the morning and vaccume the entire house. She does a load of laundry everyday just to stay on top of it and washes every dirty dish (instead of filling the dishwasher). Growing up around this kind of neurosis really rubs off on a person.

However lately things have gotten a bit obsessive around here. Just ask Tyler. The house is spotless. I have been cleaning in a compulsive manner since I found out I was pregnant. On top of the fact that I have been nesting. So I spend my weekends organizing and reorganizing, cleaning and re-cleaning. I just keep thinking I want it all done before my little nugget gets here so I can relax in a clean house. I know its really unrealistic but it makes me feel better. I am also the kind of person who likes to get everything done and then relax. It really puts a lot of stress on you to live this way when your pregnant. There is always something else to do. I have spent more time cleaning and organizing then relaxing lately. When I finally do relax and sit down my body says "Holy Crap Woman!! Has anyone told you that you are pregnant." and then I fall asleep. So as you can read I am loads and loads of fun to be around.

Tyler has taken to calling me boss, drill sargeant, director, and task master lately. But what a good sport he is, he just goes along with whatever I ask of him. This weekend my big idea was to get everything out of its box and get all the boxes to the dump. We succeeded on getting both car seats, both strollers, crib, changing table, and swing put together, however we did not make it to the dump. I was told by my lovely husband that he was "done and going to play video games," he went on to inform me that he hoped I would find something to do with myself that required me in a horizontal position.

He is right I need to spend more time enjoying this moment instead of obsessing over stupid things. I look down at my belly every once in awhile and I think I am so blessed, I love you little baby and thank you for coming into my life. Being pregnant is going to fly by, it already has. I need to relax and enjoy it. Everything will get done. Besides my mom will be here soon and I will make her clean!!!!!