Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry we've been MIA!!!

Zander and Grandpa Frank enjoying some bonding time. I think the guitar shirt is fitting for the occasion.
I love this one with Zander and Tyler. I feel like I can see what my life will be like in the very close future. Tyler and his son watching TV or playing video games!! AHHH!!!!!!

Zander and I have been super busy this last month. We started it off by going over to Seattle so friends and family could meet him. We stayed with Auntie Shelly and Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Frank. Zander had so much fun seeing them all. He had a blast laughing at Grandma Joyce being crazy and listening to Grandpa Frank sing to him. He also had fun bonding with Ashlynn and Jacob his two older cousins. When we were on the West Side Zander started sleeping 6-8 hours in a stretch at night. He has kept up this awesome habit back home!!! It's so wonderful!

Happy Buddha Baby! I LOVE IT!
Food Coma...
Tank has decided that this is his baby. He spends alot of time making sure I'm taking good care of him.
Here is my happy boy.
I started back to work last week. Fortunately for me, I get to bring him with me and he is babysat there. It's such a blessing to have him there with me. I get to see him on all my breaks and at lunch. It makes this transition so much easier.
Well baby is calling must go...