Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Homemade Baby Food

This weekend I spent most of Sunday making homemade baby food for my little Zander Bear. I made squash, sweet potatoe, and carrot. Currently, sweet potatoe is his favorite but he will eat the others. I loved doing it, it was so easy and it made me feel very Martha Stewart like. I steamed the carrot and sweet potatoe and cooked the squash and then I just pureed each in my blender. Voila...fabulous baby food. This weekend I'm going to do some more and I can't wait. Here is a picture of my little bear getting ready to go out in his first snow!


  1. Snow!?! Already?!! Yowzers. I was going to do the make my own baby food thing... but then I figured Ravenna would get more variety if I just bought it at the store :)
    oh well... good job mom!

  2. Awwww- look at him! he's as cute as they come! I love the hat!

    I want to get tips on making baby food from you- healthier and more economical. I need to get a magic bullet.

  3. Super cute pic! We are planning on making our own baby food too if we ever get around to it. Good to know that sweet potato is a hit! I will try that one first with Mackie.

  4. OH MY GOD! I love that picture. He is such a little ham.

    I made most of our own baby food, but I don't think I was ever as stoked as you are! Next time around, I'm going to call you for some inspiration. You totally crack me up!

  5. Zander is such a happy boy and he loves his Mama and a car ride. Send us more pics, as they are adorable. Thank you for giving Zander the greatest gift of all, a loving family.