Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ione Train Ride

On Sunday we took Zander on a historical train ride through Northern WA. We all had a blast looking at the beautiful scenery, eating kettle corn, and just being together for some good family bonding time. Zander did way better than I had anticipated. I packed a backpack full of food, books, and toys in case we needed them but all he wanted to do was look out the window and talk to the people next to us in the train. I love my little bear, as long as people are around to socialize with, he's always happy.


  1. So glad that you weren't in the video more with your hair all jacked up like that! ha ha ha! You crack me up.

    You are all so cute. I love you guys. I can't wait till we get to do things like that as a family. Utter chaos, but totally worth it!!

  2. What fun! I have a picture of Tyler at about age 12 sticking hsi head otu of the train window on the viaduct. History repeats itself. In a couple of years we'll have to take him to Silverwood and experience a train robbery first hand!!!
    Papa Scooter

  3. Looks like fun! Zander is so adorable.