Friday, May 22, 2009

My Lovely Boy

Here are the newest photos of my love. We have been slowly getting into our routine. I have learned so much about him already. Tyler is home with us today and spending time bonding with his little man. We had him circumsized on Wednesday which was extremely traumatizing for the both of us. Every time I change him now I have to put this Vaseline gauze on his little penis. He is doing better everyday!
He is so much fun we are enjoying him everyday.


  1. Awwww! He's so stinking adorable! And he gets bigger everytime I see a new picture. They grow too fast. I hope his winkie heals fast- no fun. I'm glad we won't have to think about circumcision with this next baby- phew!
    Can't wait to see him in person and hang out with you when things settle down. You're doing great- he looks happy. You have to tell me how that baby sling is working for you, I'm wondering if I should get one.

  2. what a beautiful babe, i can't wait to meet him someday!

  3. Now he's I'm seeing some Tammy in him! Especially in the second picture! WHat a doll!!

    Poor baby's penis. :-( I feel really bad for him. Is your mom still there??
    I love you!!

  4. Adorable pictures! Is that a Moby wrap? I'd like to know what you think of it too. There are so many different kinds of wraps/carriers... it's hard to know which will be the most useful!

    My sis-in-law had to go through the torture of circumcising her son not too long ago... she had a real hard time of it too :( I hope that's getting better for all of you!

  5. The circ day was the worst day ever as a mommy for me. The good news is that they don't remember it!

    Looks like he loves his Moby. =D