Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zander loves his Guac!

Lastnight I was tired and didn't feel like cooking so we went out to a Mexican Restaurant by our house. Zander has always loved Guacamole and when we go there I always order him his own side of it to eat. As usually he dipped chips and grabbed fistful to shove in his mouth. There are large chunks of tomato and onion in it, which he also loves. There was a couple sitting behind us and just could not believe how he was going to town on the Guac, so I decided to video it.


  1. Onions? Are you sure he's related to Tyler? ;)
    Sunshine won't eat guacamole or avocado, despite my best efforts. Maybe Zander can show her how it's done when we see you next.

  2. Awesome, he is so cute Tammy!!!

  3. Ah, my nephew is soooo handsome! And he loves guac just like me! I know we are going to be as thick as thieves. You're brave not putting a bib on him. I think my girls will be wearing bibs until they are teenagers!