Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 36 with Fat Bastard Face

Yes Sniffer, I stole it...Fat Bastard Face. My face has totally filled out and I feel like the state puff marshmallow man. Today I begin week 36 and I cannot believe it. I have finally reached the point where I visit the doctor every week and I have to be checked for "progress". I feel like I'm ready and then a minute later I feel scared as hell. I can't wait to meet this little man. Tyler and I have finally decided on 2 different names the initials will either be LSS or ZSS. We have decided to see what he looks like and then choose. I never realized how difficult it would be to choose a name. It is such a big responsibility. The little guy will have this name forever. It will be part of what defines him. When choosing a name I wanted to make sure that he would not have to endure horrible nicknames at school. I had god awful nicknames, for example, duncan donuts (not too bad), tampon (horrible), contamination (Extremely horrible), drunkin duncan (high school), and my personal favorite which my dad still calls me (Tammy Faye). After 9 months of thinking I feel like the two names we have chosen are safe.

This coming weekend is my baby shower, I can't wait. My mom is flying over on friday and I'm so excited. I always miss my mom but man since I've been pregnant I have never wished more that she lived close. Some afternoons when I'm doing laundry and have to go to the grocery store I think "man...if mom were here she would come do this for me." My mom takes my crap, listens to my problems and will do what I ask without question. I can yell at her and a minute later tell her I'm sorry and she always says "what for, you didn't do anything wrong." She rubs my feet, makes my favorite foods and Tyler's favorite breakfast (homemade biscuits and gravy), makes fun of me when I'm being a bitch, she washes and irons my clothes when I come home for a visit, babysits my dogs, and loves my husband without question. My mom is open minded and progressive and has the greatest sense of humor. She is smart, funny, and absolutely gorgeous. She knows what I'm thinking and can explain (especially to Tyler) why I'm crying (especially when my eggs are cooked wrong). Thank you mom for showing me how to be a loving mom. I can't wait to see you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Spence Nursery

Here are some pictures of the babies room this far. The pictures in the frames will be changed out to pictures of Tyler and I and the baby (when he comes). My sister painted the murral of Horton when she stayed with me in January (Sorry about the picture, the futon is in the way). Tyler thinks it looks like Horton is pooping out the receptical. :) We are going to move the futon out after my mom stays with us and put the rocking chair in there. My brother in law is building a shelf to put the stereo on so I can move that off the baby changing table. I love it so far.
This weekend was once again spent cleaning and reorganizing. Tyler and I bought a new stove(I didn't feel like our old one was safe, it would randomly come on) and a new cabinet for our kitchen. It looks so great in there. After re-organizing the kitchen we cleaned the whole house AGAIN. Tyler told me that he wants to get me a construction hat and clip board because I always have some project for his weekends. I say WHATEVER punk.
Life is good though, I can't complain. The baby does this awesome thing in the morning where his butt is so high it protrudes out of my stomach. Tyler says it looks like an alien is trying to come out. I love it, I sit and rub it every morning.
I am getting bigger for sure and I here all these random comments from families at work like "Oh my Tammy, you look like you are going to pop any day" or "Let me see your feet, are they swollen?, the feet always determine when baby will come" or "Wow you're really waddling now!" or my personal favorite from one of the kiddos "I want to see the baby, open your mouth!" So many kids try to lift up my shirt to see the baby. It has been really fun to see what people are going to say.