Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gunther Pugalet

This is a picture of my Gunther Dog. I am sure everyone who reads this knows that I have two pugs. One is Tank and the other is Gunther. While I love them equally, Gunther loves me more than anyone or anything in this world. He spends his day following me from room to room, sitting on my feet while I cook in the kitchen, snuggling with me while I watch tv and sitting on the toilet while I take a shower and get ready in the morning. Everyday while I shower he sits on the toilet and waits eagerly for his next peep show. This morning I looked over at him and just laughed to myself about how cute he looked and about how sick and perverted he is.
Tyler thinks that Gunther's gay because he spends most of his afternoons dominating Tank (humping) however, I think he's bi-sexual because he never misses a morning show. As you can tell Tyler and I have very stimulating important conversations.
Anywho, Tyler and I started our birthing classes this week. I found them to be very worthwhile. Tyler on the other hand, upon leaving promptly asked me if I thought it was at all worthwhile. I like information and the more prepared I feel the more comfortable I will be going into delivery. All he cared about was making sure we were home in time for The Office. I can't wait to see what he says after they show us the birthing video. I might never get him into the delivery room. I'm only kidding. Everyone we know seems to think that Tyler is going to puss out during the main event but I think that he will be so excited you won't be able to keep him away! He already kisses my belly in the morning when he wakes up, before he goes to work, and at night before bed. He's going to be the best daddy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bitch one minute...Angel the next! Poor poor Tyler.

Here is my very first post. I am calling on my friends and family to help me as I might forget to update it. I am completely in aw of my friends and family who have blogs and update them on a regular basis. You all have inspired me and I hope that you will help me to maintain mine. Now with that said...on to the post.
Currently I am 27 weeks pregnant and cannot believe how fast it has gone by. I love every minute of carrying and cooking my little wonder. Tyler loves it too and is always telling me how excited he is or how much he loves me. At this moment, as I type, Baby Spence is letting me know that he is going to grow up and be a dancer like his daddy.
Hormonoly, today has been the worst day I have ever had pregnant. I feel like everything makes me cry and then I start laughing and then I get bitchy. This morning Tyler walked in on me watching Grey's Anatomy and balling. He turned around and came back with my favorite lotion and said "Alright, give me your feet." It was so sweet I started crying about that. Then I thought to myself "Where is Cameron when you need him". Tyler has been like this all day as I have been crying about something completely ridiculous, bitching about how he leaves his crap out everywhere, or laughing about how stupid I sound when I cry or complain. Wow! I am laughing right now as I type about how crazy I have felt. I forgot to mention that as Tyler massaged my feet he had this completely worried look on his face like he was wondering if I had lost my mind. That really pissed me off because doesn't he just know that this is not how I normally act and that I am experiencing pregnancy hormones. Don't look at me crazy...just go about your day as if everything is fine and nobody gets hurt, is what I thought.
I am going to go back upstairs as my hands our frozen (computer is in the basement) and I can no longer type.
Here are some pictures Tyler took of me last week.
Cheers to my first post!!