Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gunther Pugalet

This is a picture of my Gunther Dog. I am sure everyone who reads this knows that I have two pugs. One is Tank and the other is Gunther. While I love them equally, Gunther loves me more than anyone or anything in this world. He spends his day following me from room to room, sitting on my feet while I cook in the kitchen, snuggling with me while I watch tv and sitting on the toilet while I take a shower and get ready in the morning. Everyday while I shower he sits on the toilet and waits eagerly for his next peep show. This morning I looked over at him and just laughed to myself about how cute he looked and about how sick and perverted he is.
Tyler thinks that Gunther's gay because he spends most of his afternoons dominating Tank (humping) however, I think he's bi-sexual because he never misses a morning show. As you can tell Tyler and I have very stimulating important conversations.
Anywho, Tyler and I started our birthing classes this week. I found them to be very worthwhile. Tyler on the other hand, upon leaving promptly asked me if I thought it was at all worthwhile. I like information and the more prepared I feel the more comfortable I will be going into delivery. All he cared about was making sure we were home in time for The Office. I can't wait to see what he says after they show us the birthing video. I might never get him into the delivery room. I'm only kidding. Everyone we know seems to think that Tyler is going to puss out during the main event but I think that he will be so excited you won't be able to keep him away! He already kisses my belly in the morning when he wakes up, before he goes to work, and at night before bed. He's going to be the best daddy!


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  2. That is so cute that Gunther loves you so extremely! I love the little look on his face as he sits on the toilet. Hopefully he won't have too hard of a time adapting once the baby comes. That's something we worry about with Steve. As of now, Mike can't even hug me without Steve forcing his big head between us. Cute now, but boy is he in for it soon!