Monday, August 3, 2009

I've kept my baby alive for 3 months!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it but, I've been a mother for 3 whole months! In just a short amount of time Zander and I have survived circumsicion, a belly button infection, a yeast infection, our first round of vaccines, trying to figure out breast versus bottle, and just the everyday ins and outs of a newborn. In just three months Tyler and I have learned what each cry means and exactly how to react to them, whether its I'm hungry, I'm tired, or I'm bored. Yes, my son has an I'm bored cry. When he is not wet or poopy, not tired, and not hungry, then he is bored and just would like someone to talk, sing, or read to him. It's pretty funny. The other day he was playing in his minigym laughing and squealing. I sat down and started to watch a show that I had been waiting to catch up on. I noticed that he was staring at me. I talked to him and told him what I was doing and proceeded to relax and enjoy myself. Then all the sudden he started screaming. I picked him up and tried to feed him, nope, he spit it out, then I smelled his butt, nope no poop, hmm I thought so I began singing and walking around and he started cooing and smiling. I layed him down on my bed and we had the best 30 minute conversation ever.

What I've learned about my baby boy... He loves to sing, talk, and laugh. He thinks that daddy is funny when he dances and loves to flirt with the girls at my work, actually any woman in general. At work, I bring him into the lunch room to see the girls. He'll sit there and flirt for the whole hour and promptly fall asleep when back in his nursery. He doesn't like to go longer then 2 hours without a meal. He poops every morning at 6 am and then likes to suck on his fist for 30 minutes in preparation for his morning bottle. He loves a bath and would kick and punch the water for hours. He screams when I get him out. He also loves his swaddle wrap. I'm dreading the day we give that up. As soon as I swaddle him he passes out. He does this sweet little whisper and takes these deep breathes of my chest until he falls asleep. I love it. I love that my scent is soothing to him!
Oh yeah and p.s. he loves his bear that makes womb sounds in his co-sleeper and in his crib at work. I turn those sounds on and he is out like a light.

My sister in law was over for a wedding a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about babies and kids. We were talking about how for the first 3 months with a baby you feel like you are in "survival" mode and how proud you feel that your baby has been kept alive for a month, two months, or even three:) Hence, the name of the post.

Here are some recent photos.

This is my nephew Apollo. He is sweet as pie!
Here is a picture of the boy cousins. We thought we would try and get Apollo to "hold" the baby.
Aren't they cute!!

Man, I love this one of Apollo.
Zander looking cool
Sleeping in his bed during nap time:)

Cuddled up with daddy!
Gunther is not interested in the baby but he sure loves his toys.

Some how last month Tyler convinced me to go camping. He promised that he would do everything and that I just had to relax with the baby. I was so stressed out because it was so hot but it ended up being awesome. Tyler did take care of everything and the baby was fine, we hung out in the shade in the hammock, took a walk to the lake and how an awesome campfire. Since we had such a great time we are going to go camping again at then end of August.

Tummy time, he hates this and usually screams his head off.

This is my favorite picture. I blew this one up. He looks like he is ready to kick ass and take names:)


  1. Congratulations and beautiful pictures of the object of your affection. He is an outdoors boy and loves to camp at the late. We hope to see you soon.
    Mom & Grant

  2. I love the hammock picture. It's beautiful. Glad things are going so well, and Zander is getting cuter by the day, if that's possible. Love you and miss you!

  3. What a cutie, cute, cute-ster! He's becoming such a little man! Crazy how fast it goes, huh? Mackenzie hates tummy time too. She screams and fusses and gets frustrated, but this morning she surprised herself and flopped right on over to her back:) I hope she can meet Zander one day!

  4. You did it!!!! 3 months! WOO HOO!!!!! And it only gets easier (at least in my opinion it does- newborns are such hard work!) I love those pictures of the boys- so cute! And Zander is just getting cuter and cuter, if that's even possible. I love reading about his personality- he's already got so much spunk.

  5. I loved this post, it was sooooo sweet. I love learning about all the things Zander loves. Gives me good ideas for our baby on its way. I also loved the picture of you two in the hammock. so cute. I'm glad you had a successful camping trip. Sounds like fun.

  6. Looks like I've missed a couple of your posts. It was fun having you guys over to visit. Zander is holy adorable. I love how much he smiles at everyone and everything--a sure sign that you're doing a great job, mommy and daddy.

  7. Nice work Tammy Jo on keeping that lovely little man alive! He is so handsome and I cant' wait to see him again.

    I think Gunther loves tummy time. =D