Sunday, January 24, 2010


On Saturday Tyler and Zander went to Baby swim class. Zander had a blast! He loves water, whenever it's bath time, he kicks his feet like crazy as he is getting into the tub. He did the same as they were getting into the pool. In water babies class they sing songs, play with toys, blow bubbles, and practice jumping into the pool. It is awesome.
After class, Zander was so quiet, Tyler and I were worried something was wrong with him. Then on the way home he fell asleep. Tyler pulled him out of his carseat and he stayed asleep (which has never happened), handed him to me and I put him in his crib, all the while staying asleep. He continued to sleep for the next 2 hours. Tyler enjoyed quiet time so much that he asked me how often during the week we can take him to swim class.
Here are some pictures from the class.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 Month Photos

Yesterday Tyler and I took Zander in for some photos. He is just 8 months old and he has changed so much so we thought it was time to go again. Typically, he's a ham but this time he was not in the mood. I felt so bad for the ladies trying to make him laugh because he just kept crying and screaming. I wanted to do some nude shots but he for sure was not having that. The pictures turned out cute anyway.
I love the spikey hair ones. He has so much and such long hair that Tyler and I go back and forth on cutting it. I really want to hold out until after his first birthday. For now I'm going to give him the spike and the fo hawk when I can.