Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Warning Lots of baby nakedness and lots of random pics

Life has been becoming a bit easier around the Spence household. We have found ourselves in "sort of" a routine. Atleast as much of a routine you can have with a 7 week old. Our day begins around 6:30am with Zander sucking loudly on his fists or grunting while he has his morning Poo. I slowly roll out of bed and make him a bottle. I bring it to Tyler who feeds our boy his first meal of the day. I let the monsters out of their crates (Tank and Gunther), feed them, let them out, and jump into the shower. By the time I am done with my shower, Zander is fed, burped, changed, and ready for the day (thank you Tyler). Then Zander enjoys some quiet time in his swing while I eat my breakfast and we watch the Today show. Sometimes he falls asleep in the swing, if not then we have our tummy time.

The rest of the day is spent napping, talking, and playing. Sometime between 6 and 6:30 Tyler arrives home. We all have dinner of some sort. Typically something easy, (we just finished all the meals that were either cooked by my wonderful mom when she was here or brought over by the girls at work) so I actually had to cook tonight. Next my favorite time of the evening...getting ready to retire to the bedroom. Zander either gets a bath, book, bottle, and bed or book, bottle, and bed. I love it when it's bath night. He does too.

Well that's it that's my day in a nut shell and I love every minute of it.